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Scientists found the reason why bad things “come in threes”: they simply don’t. HUH!! Humans look for patterns in random data in a way to extract order from disorder. The tendency is called apophenia and it was first described by German psychologist and neuroscientists Klaus Conrad 1958 who was studying people suffering the onset of schizophrenia. For them, they experience delusion as a sort of revelation. Don’t we all.

Another important part is the affinity of the number three in Western culture: there are many examples of this in religion (the Holy Trinity), storytelling (“The Three Pigs”, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”), and in literature (the three-act play), Then, there are all the three-oriented phrases like “the third time’s a charm,”  “going down for the third time,” and “Tic tac toe, three in a row”. There are 3’s fricken everywhere. But in reality, bad things happen all the time, but because of confirmation bias, apophenia, and our own cultural biases, we just have a tendency to group them in threes.

I say Bullshit, there’s some freaky stuff going down here.



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