Michael Bryan Chaplin, 31, Donald Ray Little Jr., 34, and Matthew Daniel Chaplin, 28, pushed out a window at the Dorchester County Jail in St. George at around 3 a.m. Friday 6/24/16 and then used a blanket to get over barbed wire in their daring escape.

The Dorchester County sheriff’s office said Little was in jail for a probation violation. Michael Chaplin was jailed for grand larceny and burglary, and Matthew Chaplin was in jail for possession of meth, credit card theft and possession of a stolen vehicle. The search is still ongoing said Berkeley County deputies.

HUM. 3 inmates escaping at 3 am, Coincidence i think not.

One of the bright neighbors was heard saying:
“They need to stop letting people break out of jail. There’s a lot of kids that live around here and old folks. I’m too old to be fighting you know what I’m saying.”

This just in.
6/26/16 Two brothers, Michael Chaplin and Matthew Chaplin, are in custody once again after escaping the Dorchester County Jail Friday morning. Police are still searching for a 3rd escapee, Donald Little