We all wondered when it would happen. The trifecta of 3″s, a Plane crash, Earthquake and a Celebrity Death all in one day, and strangely it happened on Christmas day 2016. The Russian plane crash, the Chilean earthquake then the news of George Michael’s death.

I can’t find any other instance of this happening before, the closest I found was on December 31, 1972 when Roberto Clemente, the future Hall of Fame baseball player, is killed with four others when the cargo plane he is traveling in crashes off the coast of Puerto Rico. Clemente was on his way to deliver relief supplies to Nicaragua following a devastating earthquake there a week earlier.

Roberto had many 3’s in his life, he was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1973 and his batting average was over .300 for thirteen seasons and he had 3,000 major league hits during his career. Clemente also tied record of 3 triples in a game in 1958. He and his wife had 3 children and was 38 when he died. Spooky…. Did all these 3’s contribute to his early demise?

Do you know of any other trifecta of 3’s happening? let us know in the comments.

And the list resets back to 1.